Shogun Ringo skin art

Vainglory update 1.4.0 skins and more

UPDATE: The SEMC team will stream ( from 10 AM PDT –> 7pm CET (Check your time zone here) about the upcoming update. More on the Vainglory forums.

The next Vainglory update is due today (5th of May 2015). Let’s see what the devs have announce for this coming release.

Skin system

According to the announcements there will not be any hero released with this update but instead the long waited skin system will be made available.
There have been a lot of hero skins reveals lately and I believe all of the look awesome. There are some earlier posts about most of the skins.

There hasn’t been any reveals about how the skin system will work and/or how the skins will be purchased so I’m really looking forward to seeing how I can get those lovely looking skins.

Shogun Ringo

Shogun Ringo skin art
Shogun Ringo skin art

I haven’t had the chance to write about the Ringo skin yet so here it is. Ringo is one of my main heroes and as you might know I really like CP Ringo (CP Ringo matches).  The skins is really cool and I believe it works well together with Preistoric Glaive skin. I believe the Shogun Ringo will be the first skin I would get.
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Preistoric Glaive

Preistoric Glaive skin art
Preistoric Glaive skin art

Another skin reveal I haven’t have the chance to write about is Preistoric Glaive. In my opinion this is the coolest looking skin so far. Don’t get me wrong, I like the others too, but even though I don’t usually play Glaive I still think this skins is really cool. I might start playing Glaive because of how nice looking this skin is.
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Other news in 1.4.0 update

Catherine and SAW bugs

As written in this post the Catherine stun bug and the SAW Roadie run bug will be fixed in the coming update. This will make it much more less frustrating to play these 2 characters.

Hopefully the team will attend the Ardan fail to ulti bug. Ooops.. I believe I forgot to report it though.

Match start timer

Another update I’m really looking forward to is the start of the match timer. I usually play on my iPad 4th gen and I have seen that it is loading much slower compared to my iPhone 6 and so many of the other players have already bought their items and are half way to the lane or jungle when my character spawns. This will now (according to the promises) be fixed and the game will not start before everyone has spawned.

Pulse dropped frames on “older” devices

Since Vox has been released I have experienced a lot of lags and dropped frames when the hero is using his second ability, Pulse. This is even more annoying and crucial in team-fights because the Pulse slows everything for me.
I have also seen a similar frame drop when using Petal, but I don’t feel that is so crucial since Petal is not meant to be as mobile and to jump around the battle filed like Vox.
In any case Captain Neato has visited my stream last week and told me this was known and the team is currently looking into fixing this.  Hopefully this will make it into this coming Vainglory release.

Looking forward to the updates! See you on the stream at twitch.v/ahotiKLive and on