Vainglory Catherine bug fix confirmed in 1.4.0


The SEMC developers know about the Catherine bug as previously mentioned here.

In the Vox reveal stream the Vainglory crew said that the Catherine stun bug is known but the reason it is not fixed yet is that it would take a lot of in depth surgery to get it fixed.

On the last Friday stream (Apr 18) Playoffbeard announced that Captain Neato has been working some magic and they think he has found a solution that did not require the mentioned surgery and it seems that the bug is now fixed. The bug fix will be available in the next version , 1.4.0,  that will be released with the next update.

The Devs also urge us to test the Catherine stun after the update to see if the in depth fix is still needed or if this fix is enough.

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New Vainglory Skins – Kosha & Adagio


It seems we are getting closer and closer to getting hero skins in Vainglory.

We have seen Dark Adagio and Cyborg SAW in past Vainglory streams but lately the devs have started officially revealing some more skins.

This Friday on the official stream the Vainglory Devs have revealed some more skins and also confirmed that the skins will be available in the next update.

Kandi Twirl Koshka

The official Splash art for Kandi Twirl Koshka:

Kandi Twirl Koshka
Kandi Twirl Koshka
Kandi Twirl Koshka Disco
Kandi Twirl Koshka Disco



Dark Parade Adagio

Dark Parade Adagio
Dark Parade Adagio

As mentioned before we have seen Dark Parade Adagio before in previous streams, but this time the skin is officially revealed together with the splash art.

Dark Parade Adagio 2
Dark Parade Adagio 2


Bug Petal

Last week we have seen the Bug Petal skin with Bee munions.

Bug Petal Art
Bug Petal Art

Read more about Bug Petal.

I personally really like the skins, but I can’t say that I’m getting as hyped as most of the fans do. They sure look really nice though and the art work and ideas are great.

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Bee / Bug Petal Skin


UPDATE: I called the skill Bee Petal, but it seems it is known as Bug Petal. I though the Devs were trying to get rid of the already existing bug in the game 🙂

A new skin has been revealed, the Bug Petal skin.

I personally haven’t played that much Petal, but I like the skin. It looks pretty awesome and I also really like how the munions are remade.

Petal Bee skin in game
Bee / Bug Petal skin in game

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Vainglory skill tiers

Check the Vainglory Profile Art Gallery for the list of the Vainglory skill tiers with the belonging art for each one.

I have seen that a lot of people are finding my website by searching for Vainglory skill tier and I believe they are actually searching for the skill tier order and skill tier names and not what they are actually finding, which is the news about skill tier granularity.

Here is the list of vainglory skill tiers:

  • Ask Again Later
  • Working on it
  • Getting there
  • Not bad
  • Decent-ish
  • Pretty Good
  • The Hotness
  • Simply Amazing
  • Pinnacle of Awesome
  • Vainglorious

For every skill tier there is also a Bronze, Silver and Gold sub-tier indicating where in the tier you are.

The plan is to have this information with the new art work images for every tier on a separate page. I’m collecting the artwork at the moment. The page, although incomplete can be found here.