Pretty Good Gold tier art

Vainglory skill tiers

Check the Vainglory Profile Art Gallery for the list of the Vainglory skill tiers with the belonging art for each one.

I have seen that a lot of people are finding my website by searching for Vainglory skill tier and I believe they are actually searching for the skill tier order and skill tier names and not what they are actually finding, which is the news about skill tier granularity.

Here is the list of vainglory skill tiers:

  • Ask Again Later
  • Working on it
  • Getting there
  • Not bad
  • Decent-ish
  • Pretty Good
  • The Hotness
  • Simply Amazing
  • Pinnacle of Awesome
  • Vainglorious

For every skill tier there is also a Bronze, Silver and Gold sub-tier indicating where in the tier you are.

The plan is to have this information with the new art work images for every tier on a separate page. I’m collecting the artwork at the moment. The page, although incomplete can be found here.


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  1. Their should be a catch to make sure loosing a rank match wasn’t the result of someone leaving the match. 2 vs. 3 is almost impossible. It shouldn’t be that hard to apply a simple check looking for a flag that a player left.

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