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Vox update live

The update including Vox is now live!
Vox costs 900 ICE and he can not be purchased with Glory until Saturday.
Alongside Vox (described here) the update includes several other things mentioned here.

Some new reveals

  • Report system – the ability to report bad behavior by giving a thumbs down but also to honor good behaving players with a thumbs up. As far as I understood, there will not be a limited number of reports, instead, abusing the reports will cause them to weigh less.
  • Consumables can be used instantly at the shop if the inventory is full
  • XP catch-up – the players that are behind will gain XP faster while the ones with higher levels will gain XP slower.
  • Attack speed changes

What I missed in the reveal stream

Some things I have missed or haven’t been mentioned in the reveal stream were: Continue reading Vox update live