Vainglory update – new hero Vox

The new Vainglory hero has been revealed on the Friday (27th of March) official Vainglory stream.

For the ones not up to date with the lore, Vox is Ardan’s son and Celeste brother. Their mother name is Julia.

It has been confirmed that Vox is sniper. He has a short range, possibly the shortest in the game, but he compensates for it with his abilities a dash/leap and the second one that makes his basic attacks bounce between targets.


Here is a short presentation of Vox with information from the official stream:

  • Heroic perk – “Julia’s song” gives Vox a damage block while he uses his basic attacks. It also allows his basic attacks to bounce between enemies affect by “Resonance”. More about resonance under ability B
  • Ability A – “Sonic zoom” let’s Vox dash into the chosen direction (zoom into fight 🙂 ) and immediately after deals 2 consecutive basic attacks. The attacks will prioritise enemy heroes if they are in range. If no heroes are in range, the attacks will hit the nearest enemy. These attacks will not get Kraken agro, that is they will not hit the Kraken if the Krake isn’t already under attack.
  • Ability B – “Pulse” is like a sonar ping that affects the enemies in different ways:
    – it applies Resonance on all the affected enemies. Vox basic attacks will bounce on the enemies affected by Resonance.

    Vox Pulse ability

    – it also reveals the position of enemy units. While it is not revealing if it is a hero, which hero or if it is an enemy or neutral minion (in other words it doesn’t give vision), the ability is marking the position of affected enemies even though they are in the fog of war. It is not clear yet if Pulse will reveal Taka’s position while he is in the box.

    Vox Pulse reveals enemies’ positions


    – it also slows enemies and the slow effect is more powerful near Vox and it gets less powerful away from the hero.

  • Ultimate – “Wait for it“. Yes! This is the actual name of his ulti. Vox’s ulti is directional much like Celeste’s and it is composed of 2 parts:
    – first there is a bolt (called “Sonic Wave”) the travels in the indicated direction and applies resonance on all the enemies in it’s path.

    Vox Ulti part 1

    – the second part is a wide shock wave that explodes along the path and deals Crystal Damage (to the enemies affected by Resonance? – this is a bit unclear atm).

    Vox Ulti part 2

Own thoughts

After seeing the official stream, I personally really like Vox, not because of the new hero hype, but because of it’s role. I love to play Crystal Power Ringo (take a look at some of the CP Ringo videos on my YouTube Channel), so a new sniper that can greatly rely on Crystal Power and has a lot of mobility would surely fall into my taste. I’m really looking forward to test Vox when the update will be live, which, by the way, I don’t have a date for since SEMC never tells the release date and that is because the release date is not entirely depending on them, but on the time when the App will be approved by Apple. My guess is that the App has been submitted to Apple already so hoping for the update within a week.

For the rest of the news in the coming update read more here!

Looking forward to see you on Twitch!