Vox – Release date and early access

Source: www.vainglorygame.com

The Vainglory devs have announced that Vox will be available for purchase with ICE already this Wednesday (1st of April). If you want to spend Glory to get Vox you’ll have to wait until Saturday (4th of April) in order to be able to get him.

Importance of getting Vox using ICE

We all love Vainglory and I personally really like the way Super Evil Megacorp treats the community. Not a lot of devs listen to the players and interact with the community as much as SEMC. Remember also that the game is free to download and free to play. For now, the only income source for the devs is based on players purchasing ICE. We don’t want SEMC to be forced to “sell themselves to” (sign with) some bad large publishers that only care about money and don’t give a rat’s ass about the users.

So please guys if you enjoy the game and like Vox, go get some ICE and show some love to the SEMC crew.

I’ll get Vox when he gets available and I will plays him live on my stream on Wednesday evening (around 8 pm CET). See you guys there.

Also be sure to check ahotiK on Youtube for some nice Vox  and Vainglory gameplays.